Walking on Water

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We do tons of Stand Up Paddle Board lessons, demos and just paddle with some great people. Most of the time we are to excited to even think about capturing a moment or the great people that we have had the privilege to meet. Over the last couple of weeks we have given lessons to some people that own great companies in PGH and that we have partnered with. When you have a chance, go check out their companies. These companies will get you outside, keep you fit and make sure you eat well.

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Lora Woodward is the Program Director for Venture Outdoors. Venture Outdoors is a great PGH non-profit that get people off the couch and outdoors. Not only do they promote their own outdoor activities they also promote other companies outdoor activities. Check out all their great activities from kayaking, biking, hiking and rock climbing just to name a few. Lora and I had a great afternoon paddling on the Ohio River out of Sewickley. She was a great sport trying out advanced techniques and even jumping in to see how easy it is to get back on the board.

Find out more info at www.http://ventureoutdoors.org/

Read Lora’s experience:http://blog.ventureoutdoors.org/2013/06/28/venture-outdoors-to-add-intro-to-paddle-boarding-programs/


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Mike Guffy is the owner of Crossfit Shadyside. If you are looking to get into shape or get a personnel trainer then Mike’s your guy. Fitness is his life and his excitement about it is great. If you are looking to get into shape for paddling then Mike can help with that also. We went out on a windy evening with some good little wind gusts. Mike did an amazing job staying up right and paddling into the wind and swell chops. When we turned around for the return trip, we had a great time catching the swells of the Ohio River. I even heard Mike whoop a couple of times when he caught a few glides.

Find out more info at http://crossfitshadyside.blogspot.com



Kevin Sousa is the owner of some great restaurants in the area. They include Salt of the Earth, Station Street Food and Union Pig & Chicken. Kevin knows the restaurant business having grown up living it through his parent’s restaurant here in PGH. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is going head to head with Michael Simon on the next Iron Chef and beating him. What a great show that would be with another Pittsburgh Cleveland rivalry. No matter what type of food you are looking for I am sure one of his places will have it. We went out on a nice Saturday morning. Kevin got to see how relaxing paddling is. Kevin picked it up quick and we had some great conversations along the way. I am sure we will see him paddling with his family soon. Hopefully he will open a place on the water that we can paddle and hang out at.