Spring Paddling

Well I got out for the first time this year. I must advise you that if you go out on any of the Pittsburgh rivers to be careful. The rivers are high and there are a lot of weird currents swirling around. Also there is some random trees and objects floating down. You will get a good work out in paddling against the current. With the currents a life jacket is a must. As far as clothing goes a good pair of thermo running pants and a rash gaurd will do if you don’t plan on falling in. The 5 mil booties kept my toes warm as can be. I did get to paddle with a new friend. This was Matt’s 5th time out and he did great. He is riding a Laird 11′ Surftech. Only a couple more weeks an we can be out on a regular basis

Matt after the paddle. Look he is still dry!


One thought on “Spring Paddling

  1. matt

    That’s great, what a fun afternoon. Definitely some odd currents here and there but awesome to get out. Looking forward to many more.