Which Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons To Choose?

Stand Up Pittsburgh paddle board lessons Pittsburgh

Stand Up Pittsburgh paddle board lessons Pittsburgh


The season is under way and now you want to get out on the water and try stand up paddle boarding in the Pittsburgh area or while you are on vacation. Here is a little guide to help you decide which company to choose for your lessons or tour.

1. See how long there instructors have been paddling and how long they have been giving stand up paddle boarding lessons and/or tours. Do they have experience paddling outside the area?

By having years of experience and paddling different conditions you are faced with different scenarios that you can learn from.

2. Are they insured?

• If they are not insured they have no concern for you or anybody else.

3. Do they require you to wear a life vest or just have one strapped to the board?

70% of all boating fatality accidents result from drowning. Almost 85% of those who drown are not wearing a life jacket! Having life jackets aboard does not save lives—WEARING them does!

• Adults can drown in 60 seconds or less and children can drown in 30 seconds or less.

4. Do they require you to wear a leash?

The leash is one of your most important parts of your equipment. It keeps you attached to your board that has more flotation than any life jacket can provide.

5. Do they keep group sizes 5-1 or fewer students to instructor ratio?

• 5-1 is the industry standard.

• Any more than this ratio and they have no concern for your safety.

6. Are they offering lessons/tours during questionable conditions (more current and

debris on river due to rain).

• Our motto is if Venture Outdoors is not running on the Allegheny, Monogahela or Ohio River then neither should you.

7. Are they just putting you on any old boards because they are jumping on the band


• By putting you on any old board is not ensuring that you will have the best experience.


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